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AMP Humano PR Lotion 300ml

AMP Humano PR Lotion 300ml

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PR Lotion is designed to maximize your training and recovery by using sodium bicarbonate, a natural electrolyte that improves muscle function and helps you combat fatigue during hard workouts.


  • High-intensity events up to an hour where a surge or sprint to the finish may be required to determine the winner
  • Used to enhance training capacity and training adaptations 
  • Recovery benefits that can be used for self massage 


  • Buffers acids in blood that cause fatigue
  • Improved metabolic function of muscle 
  • Improve performance


  • Apply 30-60 minutes before exercise to the muscles you'll use the most 
  • Rub an adequate amount into the large muscle groups that will be used for your intense workout. For instance, if you’re a rider, you would want to rub the lotion into your quads, from the knees to your waist. You may also want to rub some into your hamstrings and calves - particularly if you’re anticipating a particularly hard effort or hill climbing.
  • Apply following workouts to support recovery 
  • Those new to bicarbonate loading may need to trial it multiple times before competition


The scent of the lotion is mild mineral smell that is similar to baking soda. Texture is a pasty cream that remains on the skin and is recommended to rinsed after use.


Topical Sodium Bicarbonate PR Lotion Studies 

Study 1: PR Lotion's sponsored study showed statistically significant improvement in reducing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) following intense exercise, lowering heart rate and perceived exertion (RPE) under the same training loads, and tolerating higher blood lactate levels. Link

Study 2: PR lotion was ineffective in altering blood buffering capacity or enhancing performance in either trained or untrained individuals. Link

Supplementing with Sodium Bicarbonate Orally (Baking Soda)

Numerous studies have demonstrated that endogenous bicarbonate levels can be safely and acutely increased after the oral ingestion of between 200 and 300 mg/kg body mass (BM) of sodium bicarbonate. Link 1  Link 2 

Meta-analyses have reported that supplementation at these levels can result in an approximate 2 to 3% improvement across a variety of performance measurements (e.g. power, speed, work capacity, time to failure) during both single and repeated bouts of high-intensity exercise typically lasting 1-10 minutes in duration. Link 1  Link 2 Link 3

In 2018 International Olympic Committee Sports Nutrition Consensus Statement recommendations suggest that sodium bicarbonate is one of five dietary supplements that consistently improves performance in the elite athlete. Link 1


It's clear, supplementing with sodium bicarbonate results in sport performance. Although there is limited research in using a topical form (PR Lotion) of sodium bicarbonate, there is much promise and worth testing to see if it works for training, racing and recovery. 

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