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Winspace G2 Gravel Frameset

Winspace G2 Gravel Frameset

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The G2 Gravel

Ready to take you on any adventure; the G2 features progressive, confidence-inspiring geometry, and clearance for up to 50mm tires. So whether you’re an experienced gravel racer or a roadie looking to get off the tarmac for the first time, the G2 is just what you need.

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Made for the Mess

With clearance for big, knobbly tires and chainstays specially-shaped for mud clearing, the G2 was made for mess. Sure, it feels just as at home rolling along nice, smooth roads, but you always get the feeling it just wants to be dirty.

Progressive Gravel Geometry

With a 70 degree headtube angle and a 68mm trail figure, the G2 is slack enough to feel stable going down the sketchiest of descents, but nimble enough to maneuver around roots and rocks on even the gnarliest of trails.

Simply Elegant

For the G2 we went back to basics with a BSA threaded bottom bracket. The thinking behind this was two-fold. First; gravel bikes get a fair share of abuse, and will probably need more regular maintenance than your regular road bike. A BSA bottom bracket makes this a whole lot easier for the home mechanic. Secondly, we know people will be taking their G2s on some pretty epic off-the-grid adventures. It will be a lot easier to source and replace a BSA bottom bracket in some back-alley bike shop than any press-fit solution, should the need arise..

Utilitarian Design

When drawing up the G2, we put function before form. A large main inner triangle with flat surfaces maximizes space for bike bags. A wide range of mounting points allow for mounting loads of water bottles, a top-tube feed bag, panniers, or even fenders.

What is it?

The G2:Gravel is the culmination of a 3-year deep-dive into exploring what exactly is a gravel bike, and what makes gravel so fun. It’s a lightweight frameset designed to inspire confidence with first-time gravel riders, while offering maneuverability and performance to seasoned gravel pros. There’s clearence for huge 700x50C tires built around a frameset that has been engineered from the ground up to offer the best performance both on and off-road.

Why is it special?

It’s a bike-builder’s dream. We’re not trying to sell a series of increasingly expensive full-bikes. We’re offering one frameset at one price point. We’re die-hard cyclists ourselves. We built the frame we wanted to buy: A frame that gives a huge range of options for the builder. A simple threaded bottom bracket for easy building and maintenance, clearance for huge tires, a huge front triangle for masses of storage, a plethora of mounts for customization and geometry that is ahead of the curve in terms of stability and handling. Not comfortable building your own bike? Get in touch with one of our dealers, and they’ll talk you through building your dream build, customized just for you.

Who makes it?

At Winspace, we’re predominantly a bunch of road bike riders who grew up riding late-80s, early-90s mountain bikes. We love the on-road performance of modern road bikes, but lust for the care-free fun of those early mountain bikes. We know carbon. We’ve been working with it for well over a decade. We also brought in some outside help. We enlisted the help of industry vets from around the world to design and refine the frame. For testing, we relied on a mix of pro road cyclists and mountain bike national champion experience to ensure we nailed both the on-road and off-road performance. The frames are produced right next to our HQ here in Xiamen, China – the home of high-end carbon bike frame production.

Build it your way.

With support for mechanical or electronic shifting, internal or external cable routing, the G2 is the DIY bike builder’s dream. Either rummage around in your parts-bin to build up a budget all-road bike, or slap on the latest and greatest groupset and build a cutting edge gravel racer. The choice is yours.

We built up 5 different G2 bikes to give you some inspiration for your future G2 builds.

Build One: Performance Gravel Racer

The G2:Gravel makes the perfect platform for a gravel racer build. It’s lightweight 1080g frame won’t hold you back on the climbs, and it’s modern, progressive gravel geometry gives you the confidence to really attack the descents even on the roughest of terrain.

Frameset: Winspace G2:Gravel, Size S, “Mullet” Paint job
Fork: Lauf Grit SL
Wheels: Lún Grapid 700C Gravel Wheels
Shifters: SRAM Force AXS Shifters
Rear Mech: SRAM GX AXS
Cassette: SRAM XX1 9-50T
Crankset: SRAM Force AXS 1x (42t)
Brakes: SRAM Force AXS Hydraulic
Tires: Schwalbe G-One All Round 700x40C
Bar & Stem: Carbon 40cm Gravel bar & 90mm UNO Stem

This build really gets the most performance out of the G2:Gravel frameset. SRAM’s electronic shifting never misses a beat, and the GX AXS rear mech keeps the chain tight when the going gets rough. The gear range never leaves you wanting. With a ratio way beyond 1:1 even the steepest gravel climbs can be conquered without too much torque. The Schwalbe G-One All Round tires are fast on the road but offer plenty of grip on all but the most loose of surfaces. The G2’s progressive geometry allows a racey position while still feeling in control and nimble.

Build Two: Budget Gravel Bike

A founding principle of Winspace is that high performance bikes should be for everyone – not just those with deep pockets. So with the G2 we set out to lower the barrier to entry for gravel. When combined with budget components, the G2 builds into a competent gravel grinder without breaking the bank.

Frameset: Winspace G2:Gravel, Size S, Emerald Green
Fork: Winspace G2:Gravel
Wheels: Lún Al30 700C Gravel Wheels
Shifters: SENSAH SRX Shifters
Cassette: Unbranded 11-42TCrankset: ZRACE Attack (42t)
Brakes: Cable actuated hydraulic disc brakes
Tires: Compass Saturn Ring 700x38C
Bar & Stem: Control Tech 40cm Gravel bar & 90mm Stem

The budget build under promises and overdelivers in a package that keeps you smiling all day. SENSAH’s SRX shifting is fast and crisp. The overall braking performance of the cable-actuated calipers is definitely lacking when compared to fully hydraulic setups but is still enough stopping power to keep you out of trouble. Despite being built on a budget, the overall weight is still impressive. The bike climbs with no hesitation and feels great being thrown from side to side when descending a gnarly gravel road. The whole bike feels rugged and ready and you get the feeling.

Build Three: Touring Bike

Whether for Randonneuring or you just fancy some self-supported adventure, the G2:Gravel frameset has all the mounts you need to carry everything you’ll need for your next epic adventure.

Frameset: Winspace G2:Gravel, Size S, Carbon Black
Fork: Winspace G2:Gravel
Wheels: Lún Road 45mm Wheels
Shifters: SHIMANO 105 R7050
Rear Mech: SHIMANO 105
Cassette: Shimano 11-34Crankset: Shimano 105 (50/34t)
Brakes: Shimano 105 Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Tires: Challenge GIRO 700x32C
Bar & Stem: Control Tech 40cm Gravel bar & 100mm Stem

The G2:Gravel lends itself to bike touring and randonneuring surprisingly well. The relaxed geometry keeps things predictable and relaxed when chewing through the miles and battling fatigue. The large main triangle of the G2’s frame provides plenty of room for water bottles or frame bags, even in the “Small” size pictured. Hydraulic disc brakes mean even the longest and steepest descents are a breeze even when loaded down with luggage. Mounting points for front and rear fenders and pannier racks give you plenty of options when gearing up for a ride into the unknown.

Build Four: Endurance Road Bike

What happens when you put slick road tires on a gravel bike? Does the world explode? Nah, you end up with a nice relaxed road bike. Our other road bikes aren’t really road bikes, they’re “Race Bikes”, but the G2 can double as a road bike for those looking for something less racey.

Frameset: Winspace G2:Gravel, Size S, Crimson Red
Fork: Winspace G2:Gravel
Wheels: Lún HYPER 38mm Wheels
Shifters: SHIMANO Ultegra R8050
Rear Mech: SHIMANO Ultegra
Cassette: Shimano 11-32Crankset: FSA Gossamer PRO (46/36t)
Brakes: Shimano Ultegra Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Tires: Continental GP5000 700x32C
Bar & Stem: Control Tech 40cm Gravel bar & 100mm Stem

Usually at Winspace we build bikes to win races. Stiff. Aggressive. Low stack, Long reach. They’re great for people who want to race their bike and want no compromise to speed. For those less speed-obsessed, our range has always lacked a relaxed, comfortable “road bike.” The G2 fills this gap nicely. When dropping down to 32C tires, the ‘trail’ of the front fork lowers, leaving the handling more like a road bike and less like a gravel bike. With fully internal cable routing, you’re left with a clean looking road bike, and all you need to do is change to some gravel tires to go do some exploring.

Build Five: Flat-bar Gravel Bike

WTF is a flat-bar gravel bike? Isn’t that just a mountain bike? We don’t know what it isn’t, but we know what it is – heaps of fun. A light frame with no complicated suspension puts the simplicity back into riding. Get out there and do some skids and nail some jumps like you’re eight years old again.

Frameset: Winspace G2:Gravel, Size S, Cerulean Blue
Fork: Winspace G2:Gravel
Wheels: Lún Grapid 650B Gravel Wheels
Shifters: Shimano SLX MTB
Rear Mech: Shimano SLX MTB
Cassette: Shimano 11-42TCrankset: FSA Omega (40t)
Brakes: Shimano hydraulic disc brakes
Tires: Vittoria Terreno Dry 650x47C
Bar & Stem: Prototype single-piece MTB bar & stem

The flat-bar gravel bike is the hooligan of the group. It’s simplicity is it’s charm. It’s a throw-back to simpler times, but with modern day performance. All the characteristics of the simple mountain bikes we grew up riding, but with the modern day performance of carbon fiber and 11-speed shifting. It’s never going to be as capable off-road as a full suspension enduro bike, or even a hard tail cross country bike, but it is more fun…. which just might be what matters most..

Champion Tested

With it’s harsh winters and challenging terrain, Mongolia is the perfect testing ground for the G2. Former National Champion MYAGMARSUREN BAASANKHUU is the perfect test pilot.



Model name: G2 Gravel
Size: XS, S, M, L
Headtube: 1 1/8”-1 1/2”;
BB: BSA Threaded
Seat post: 31.6mm (included)
Brake: Flat Mount Disc Brake (140/160mm)
Front Derailleur Hanger: Brazed on
Derailleur Routing: Mechanical/Di2/ETap/Campy EPS
Tire clearance: S, M, L max recommended clearance 700x50C / 650B*2.0″
Note: Max tire clearance on XS size frame: 700x35C / 650B*2.0″
Wheel Axle: 12mm through axle F100mm R142mm
Weight: frame 1080+/-30g for M size
Componets: Frame, fork, seat post, headset, Di2 cable stopper, spare derailleur hanger
Warranty: Limited 3yr warranty on the frameset
Leadtime: 10 days when in stock
Shipping: EMS global shipping free or priority shipping
Retail Price: $1280

* Notes:fully internal only for disc brake with electrictronic groupsets

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