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Gatorskin 700 X 32 Folding Duraskin

Gatorskin 700 X 32 Folding Duraskin

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CONTINENTAL tube mature Sprinter Gatorskin 28 "x 22 mm Black Chili DuraSkin Safety System Breaker Tubular

This tire has it all. Thanks to the Safety Systems protects a Kevlar reinforced nylon tread and an additional Polymaidgewebe provides even stronger sidewalls. Klein at giving not one of the characteristics of the Sprinter Gatorskin. Its field of application are the material-wearing spring classics such as Paris-Roubaix or long trips in not always perfect roads.

handmade in Germany
These tires are one of the top quality finishings produced from Continental. They are sewn by hand in the factory in Korbach and put in workmanship and quality special standards.

Black Chili Compound
Black Chili means at Conti especially that grip, rolling resistance and durability combined on one level
be that one might almost believe in magic. Here Continental is just a only the very latest and best technologies. Polymers, down to the nano range optimized soot particles and fillers guarantee the unique performance of the Black Chili compound. He revolutionized the basic conflict between grip and rolling resistance. Approximately 30% more grip and an improved 26% less rolling resistance to the silica compound, provide better performance and safety.
Continental tires are completely made of high quality rubber compound. Thus, the tire can be worn down to the carcass without the superb properties of the rubber to lose!

Anyone who has ever driven a tire with Black Chili want anything else!

Safety System Breaker
It consists of a Kevlar-reinforced, high-strength nylon fabric. Puncture and cut resistant, yet light and flexible the tire fits the ground to better. Without weight or rolling resistance to increase significantly, it protects the carcass against foreign bodies and contributes to a long lifespan of the tire. In addition, provide tires with Safety System Breaker particularly comfortable handling.

Tires with riders use sidewall protection must be able to insert properly. They come under the most adverse conditions for use. On messenger bikes tire slip curbs along on travel wheels they cross continents without fray, racing, they must be made hardness tests such as Paris-Roubaix. The high-quality polyamide fabric reliably protects the wall of the tire and is preparing the tires for the utmost. For the broad masses these tires emphasize thanks to their brown sidewall.

Technical specifications:

Tyre Type: Tubular
intended use : Grand Tour, Tour
Size (inches): 28 | 700 x 22C
Size (ETRTO): 22-622
Design: handmade Germany, DuraSkin, Safety System Breaker
Compound: Black Chili Compound
Carcass: 180 TPI in 3 layers
Compatibility E-Bike: -
Profile: -
Pressure: 8.0 to 12.0 bar (115-176 PSI)
recommended rim width: -
Maximum load: -
Color: Black

Weight: 280g

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