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Grand Prix 5000 700 X 25 TT Limited Edition Black + Black Chili TdF TR

Grand Prix 5000 700 X 25 TT Limited Edition Black + Black Chili TdF TR

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The Continental Grand Prix 5000 TT TdF LTD is the specialist for the fight against the clock and the hunt for speed. Mount up the same tires used by the pros in their debut at the prologue time trial at the 2022 Tour de France.

Ideal for TTs, triathlons, and criteriums, this tire is a limited edition, honoring the rich history and evolving future of time trials in the Tour de France. Coming in 25g lighter than the already fast GP5000 S TR, Continental has engineered an even faster and lighter tire that offers a 17-second saving over a 40 kilometer time trial.

Despite this tire's exceptionally low weight and rolling resistance, Continental's "Black Chili" rubber compound ensures maximum grip in corners, and their tear-resistant Vectran Breaker layer protects against punctures and tears when it matters most.



  • Lazer grip — Micro profile structure on the shoulder for increased cornering grip
  • Black Chili Rubber Compound — Proprietary rubber formula for optimal grip and minimal rolling resistance
  • Vectran Breaker — Excellent tear and puncture resistance with low weight
  • ActiveComfort — Absorbs shocks and provides outstanding riding experience
  • Tubeless Ready — Construction keeps the tire from losing air while also being extremely puncture proof
  • Hookless compatible
  • 330 TPI in 3 layers
  • Claimed weight of 215g
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