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Lún: HYPER 2023 R67 (60mm & 68mm) Rim Brake Wheelset

Lún: HYPER 2023 R67 (60mm & 68mm) Rim Brake Wheelset

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Pre-Sale Program

Due to high demand for the 2023 Hyper Lun Wheels, we are accepting pre-sale orders. If you make a pre-sale order, your wheel will be delivered within 2-3 months from your purchase date. 



  • 60mm Front / 68mm Rear F-RAPID Rim Profiles
  • 21mm Internal Width (28.5mm External)
  • Carbon Spokes
  • Ceramic Bearings
  • Tubeless Optimised (Clincher Compatible)
  • Aero-optimised for 25-28mm tubeless compatible tyres with tight tolerances.
  • 1418g +/- 3%
  • Rim Brake Version
  • All wheelsets are shipped default with Shimano/SRAM 11speed hub bodies
    (compatible with new Shimano 12 speed also). XDR & Campagnolo options sold separately


In late 2019 we debuted our HYPER wheels to great fanfare. It seemed we’d cracked the code on what road cyclists wanted in a wheelset: Fast, light, stiff and a characteristic snappy acceleration like no other wheel out there. The word spread, so we built more…and more, and more. 50,000 wheels later and HYPER wheels were being ridden in over 75 countries in six continents. They rode people to personal bests, KOMs, podiums, state and national championships.

We didn’t rest on our laurels. We knew we had a challenge ahead of us: How do you improve on the greatest? We quadrupled our R&D budget, got some of the greatest minds in the industry and custom built a plethora of wheel-testing lab equipment. However, in addition to these, we had one ace up our sleeves: You.

The feedback from our customers was invaluable. You people know bikes, and you know exactly what you want from a wheelset. Every YouTube review, every forum post, every Instagram hash-tag, every comment… we read them all. The consensus was clear. People wanted a wider rim; that was easy enough. But people also wanted Lighter, Stiffer, Faster. That got the engineers scratching their heads. They rose to the challenge and came back with a series of wheel that are on average 15% Stiffer, 6% Lighter and ready to make you faster.

What's New?

21mm Internal Rim Width

The optimum rim width for different yaw angles and riding speeds can be debated. However, one thing that was overwhelming clear was that you guys wanted a wider internal rim width for riding with wider tires. The wider 21mm internal width rim gives better aerodynamic performance with a 25mm wide tire compared to our previous model HYPER due to the better transition from tire to rim. 21mm internal rim width is perfect for either 25mm or 28mm tires but can take tires all the way up to 47mm.

Stability Meets Speed

F-RAPID Design

The R33 and D33 wheels are designed for all-out climbing performance. However, our 45 and 67 series wheels put aerodynamic efficiency first. They’re the first wheels to feature our F-RAPID Design. The Front and Rear Aero Profiles are Individually Designed to meet their unique demands. The front wheel is optimized for its leading edge performance giving speed and stability in a variety of conditions with a more rounded rim profile. The rear wheel profile is taller and is optimized for lower yaw angles with an emphasis on trailing edge performance.

Every Gram Counts

While most the improvements for HYPER 2023 are incremental, they add up to measurable gains. In a sport where sprints are won or lost by fractions of an inch, every gram, every millimeter, every small detail makes a difference. It took us countless carbon layup iterations to hit our weight and strength targets but the results were worth it. On average we shaved over 50g from each wheelset compared to the wheelset it replaces

Wider Range

In reviews and comments alike, the same few comments kept coming up. “I wish there was an even shallower option.” said the climbers. “I wish there was a deeper option.” bemoaned the speed lovers. We listened. The shallowest wheel is now shallower than ever (35mm), and the deepest is deeper than ever (68mm!)

28% Increase in Drive Spoke Angle

Spoke angle has a huge impact on the performance of a wheelset. While there’s no “perfect” angle, after feedback from our professional athletes and weekend warriors alike we increased the drive-spoke angle by 28% leading to greater torsional stiffness and more direct power transfer. This led to a 15.7% increase in torsional stiffness.

Rim or Disc: The choice is yours

While it seems the industry at large is moving away from rim brakes on road bikes we still think they have their place. For this reason we’re pleased to announce that our whole HYPER 2023 range is still available in rim brake or disc brake formats.

However, due to the new wider width of the rim, some wheel / brake caliper combinations may be incompatible. We hope the after-market industry will continue to develop rim brake calipers that are compatible with wider wheels.

You can use the data below to check compatibility with your brakes. We recommend you check the actual dimensions as brake manufacturers are often not accurate in their max clearance size listings.(68mm!)

What’s unchanged?

Race-day Performance Every Day

When updating the HYPER wheels to 2023 spec it was important to retain the essence of what made the HYPERs hyper. The HYPERs are known for bringing huge performance to an affordable price point, and that didn’t change.

Filament-Wound Rim

We kept the filament-wound rim to keep the weight down and the acceleration fast. The butterfly weave finish reinforces the rim at the spokes while keeping weight down across the entire rim.

Carbon Spokes

The carbon spokes remain as an essential part of the formula. Carbon spokes are lighter and stronger than their traditional steel counter-parts and offer great ride characteristics of snappy acceleration and greater wheel stiffness during sprints.

We’re Hooked on Tubeless

We think tubeless is great, but if you’re not convinced we still support regular clincher tires and tubes. For those running tubeless we made small tweaks to the rim which should make tubeless setup just that little bit easier.

Robust Hub

The hub is the heart of any wheelset. It can make or break the best of designs. The HYPER 2023 hub’s internals remain mostly unchanged: A strong over-sized 17mm axle is able to cope with the forces of any sprint effort. Large 6903 and 6803 bearings placed in reinforced bearing seats help improve bearing life and lower rolling resistance.

Winspace stands by all their products and offers a 2 year limited warranty on our wheelset products. This wheelset carries a limited warranty of two (2) years from the date of purchase to the original owner only. Unless otherwise stated, the sole remedy under this warranty or any implied warranty is limited to the replacement of defective parts with those of equivalent or comparable value at the sole discretion of Winspace/Choi Cycling which arise from a manufacturing defect.Winspace/Choi Cycling will not be responsible for any direct, incidental or consequential damages, including, without limitation, damages for personal injury, property damage, or other losses, whether based on contract, warranty, negligence, product liability or any other theory. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on parts in situations where there are no material defects. This warranty does not cover consumable components including brake pads, spokes, rim tapes, bearings, etc. - Any damage or faults arising from or during the use of competition, racing, time trialing or any event involving an accident or crash is the sole responsibility of the user and will not be covered by any warranty.
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